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Nutrition Therapy To Heal The Soul

You’re wanting to reclaim your health and body through a more gentle, and intuitive approach. Because let’s be real - you definitely don’t want to say no to any more of your families traditional food or a spontaneous doughnut run. You’re *so over* caring about how the world views you. I'm here to help guide you in embracing your identity and living out your truest self. Let's work together to quiet those pesky little thoughts!

Talk about a perfect storm to a complicated relationship with food.

Whether you grew up listening to your mom pick apart her body, or your grandparents and aunties offering you all your favorite foods, while also commenting on your body, or scrolling through social media only to find that next diet or "wellness" influencer. You were always trying to fit in by shrinking yourself to take up less space, labeling food and yourself as "good," "bad," "unworthy," or "junk," and counting calories only to shame yourself for going over.

to your health

You deserve a safe space where you can get curious about your food relationship roots and heal your body story. 

My guiding principles include...

meet malak saddy

Registered Dietitian (RD), Licensed Dietitian (LD/N)
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Consultant (CEDS-C)
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
Licensed Body Positive Facilitator
Lebanese - Canadian - American - Muslim
Size Inclusive - Non Diet Dietitian - Social Justice Advocate
Lover of All Food

(Pronounced Ma-lack Saddie)

Hi, I’m Malak Saddy!





intuitive eating

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