malak saddy


A human navigating the same societal notions of figuring out what I want to believe about my favorite foods and body. I also believe that having a space where you can figure out what you want to carry on and what isn’t yours to carry anymore is what’s needed to create your unique journey and food map.

I’m your typical extrovert who loves a good outdoor social outing, thrives off of human connection, always has a smile on, and has an optimistic outlook on life. The small things in life truly bring me so much joy - like the smell of a tomato fresh from the garden, the sun shining on my face, interchangeably speaking English and Arabic with friends and family, and receiving and sending handwritten thank you notes.

Virtual Sessions in IL, TX, LA, WI, FL, IN, MA + MI

Things I can talk for hours about...

  • Keeping plants alive
  • Rescuing pups (Debo is my loyal and cuddly companion!)
  • Growing up in a multicultural household
  • My most recent read
  • The last meal I cooked

Registered and Licensed Dietitian
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Consultant
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
Licensed Body Positive Facilitator

Hire Malak as a...

Fewer things light me up than being behind a podium, sharing my passion, and educating and opening up conversations with folks wanting to learn more. I've given over 100 presentations in over 20 states ranging from the basics of Intuitive Eating, Food and Mood, Treating Culturally and Religiously Diverse Populations in the Treatment of Eating Disorders, and the dietitian's role in recovery.

Each topic is tailored to meet your objectives and needs, and when paired with my high energy, devotion, and fervent spirit, it will leave your audience of teachers, counselors, dietitians, doctors, students, coaches, families, and more engaged and with longstanding skills for them to implement within their daily lives.

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As an approved iaedp Supervisor, I can provide supervision necessary in obtaining your CEDS (Certified Eating Disorder Specialist) credentials.

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